Town Hall Coalition Citizen Action Committees

The Town Hall Coalition is re-launching its Citizen Action Committees. In the late 1990’s Town Hall Forums brought together hundreds of activists who shared concerns about pesticides, hillside erosion and water quality, groundwater and aquifer depletion, land use and forestry issues, and more. Citizen Action Committees convened and gave momentum to a movement which has had many successes in reforming the out of control growth of the late 1990’s.

Now, 5 years later, the Town Hall Coalition has a new office in Sebastopol, and is reorienting in the New Year to take on multiple issues, but we need your help! Too many activists are sitting at home, watching the neoconservatives dominate the media and infiltrate all three branches of government. The attack on the public good and the Commons is 4 years old, and the citizens need to organize to defend our quality of life.

Town Hall hopes to empower and network community activists through revitalized Citizen Action Committees which will focus on particular issues and projects, and be coordinated through the Town Hall office. We hope to maximize our resources, and spread the work across hundreds of people, and release the grassroots energy as participatory democracy.

1) Participatory Democracy

2) Land Use, Forestry, and the General Plan

3) Citizens Climate Protection Project

Contact Town Hall Coalition to join a citizen action committee.