Town Hall Coalition in the News

Landowner bulldozes into trouble
County OK’d west county clearing, but state, feds object
Carol Benfell/ Press Democrat/ January 16, 2003

Supervisor proposes limiting grape expansion
Plans to convert timberland to vineyards spur debate
By Tom Chorneau / The Press Democrat / December 23, 2002

Globalization comes to Gualala…in water bags
Mike Sandler and Toben Dilworth / Press Democrat / December 8, 2002

California Wine Sector to Go Green to Avert Regulation
Jim Christie / Reuters / October 25, 2002

Town’s First Winery Opposed
Criticism High as Phelps Seeks Approval for Rural Location
Carol Benfell / Press Democrat / May 28, 2002

Environmentalist Hill urges individual activism
Mary Callahan / Press Democrat / March 28, 2002

County likely to expand inquiry into drilling wells long-awaited report on water issues to be presented to Board of Supervisors today
Matt Weiser / Press Democrat / June 12, 2001

Taking a Deeper Look at Breast Cancer
Susan Swartz / Press Democrat / April 1, 2001

Vineyard reality anti-grape rhetoric doesn’t reflect current farming practices
Press Democrat / February 6, 2001

Political E-Gadflies
Bill Workman / San Francisco Chronicle / February 5, 2001
Civic watchdogs are reaching a greater audience on-line

Wine leaders have new agenda, grape growers association campaigns to build, maintain values
Tim Tesconi / Press Democrat / February 4, 2001

Growers’ uphill battle regulation have raised environmental awareness, but they also have made planting new vines costlier and more time-consuming
Tim Tesconi / Press Democrat / February 4, 2001
Pesticide tied to dead birds found in water
Mary Callahan / Press Democrat / January 21, 2001

Public deserves a say in battling pest
Lynn Hamilton and Tara Treasurefield / Press Democrat / August 15, 2000

The Grapes of Wrath
Patricia King / Newsweek / June 12, 2000
A battle over the land in California’s wine country

The Kids in the Hall
Stephanie Hiller / Sonoma County Independent / March 30, 2000
Grassroots movement grows in opposition to vineyard expansions

Wine country in California enters season of discontent
John Ritter / USA Today / November 1, 1999
Longtime residents and conservationists say too many forested hillsides are being bulldozed for vineyards. Vintners say their opponents are guilty of hypocrisy

The Wrath of Grapes
Sara Peyton / Sonoma County Independent / October 28, 1999
West county residents are seeing red over rampant vineyard expansion